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dental fILLING

At White Crown Dental, we only put in tooth colored fillings. We do not put in silver/amalgam fillings and believe that tooth colored fillings are more aesthetic, safe, and overall better for our patients. 

What is a filling?

A filling is something you put into or on a tooth to replace areas that are chipped or have cavities. There are different kinds of fillings that can be placed on a tooth. A Composite filling (White filling) is placed on a tooth to match the color of your tooth shade. There is a special process in which the doctor selects your filling color during the appointment and matches it to your tooth. When the cavity has been removed and the filling is placed, you will have a “new” tooth. The other type of filling is an Amalgam filling. These fillings also replace missing tooth structure that are chipped or have cavities.

Most people have had at least one tooth filled in their lifetime. At White Crown Dental we ‘d like for you to know that while services you receive may vary, when you come in for a filling you will receive:

  1. Comfortable anesthetic to numb the area

  2. Removal of cavity/decay

  3. Replacement of tooth structure with composite (tooth colored) fillings

  4. Checking your bite to make sure it feels good

That’s it! Simple as that! We take care of you like family and want you to feel comfortable.

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